Saturday, September 3, 2011

Why Should We Read Poetry?

There's a million reasons to read poetry.  Here's just one by Tom Wayman.  This poem makes me laugh, even though it's sad. 

OFFICIAL ERRATA            by Tom Wayman

Where it says welfare read suffering
"The seasonally-adjusted rate of suffering
 fell one per cent last month."
Where it says defense read suffering
"The Department of Suffering confirmed Friday
the shipment of $1 billion in new tanks and helicopters
to friendly governments in Latin America."
Where it says productivity read suffering
"Canadian industry must increase the suffering of its employees at least 12 per cent this year."
Where it says co-operation read suffering
"The administration requires the suffering of every citizen to see us through these difficult times."
 Where it says efficiency read suffering
 Where it says management read suffering
Where it says suffering read defeat

Tom Wayman is the writer of the wonderful poem, "Did I Miss Anything?"  - a poem read by teachers to their students at the beginning of every year.  It's available all over the web.  He gave me permission to post this poem which was first printed in a 1989 collection, In a Small House on the Outskirts of Heaven (Harbour), and is reprinted in a book of new and selected poems, called I'll Be Right Back, Ontario Review Press (1997).

Note:  regardless of my feelings about optimism (see previous posts), I can occasionally appreciate a bit of ironic bitterness.

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  1. We read poetry to impress the unknown love. We read the rhyme to find our rhythm.