Tuesday, February 14, 2012

What Can Our Dreams Tell Us? Part II

Yesterday, on his birthday, Robin told me this dream:

"We were in the shed, cleaning it...organizing things, or looking for something.  A glass carafe from a coffeemaker was sitting in a cardboard box with some papers and garbage.  It caught my eye.  As I was thinking about bringing it into the house, it exploded."

I asked Robin to go back into his dream, become the carafe, and finish these sentences:
  • Never refer to me as...
  • I need...
  • I want...
As the carafe, he said,
  • Never refer to me as an unused coffee pot.
  • need grounds!
  • I want someone to clean this mess up. 
and, "What are you thinking?" I asked the now-shattered, former coffee pot.  "Life sucks," he said.

The message of the dream was clear:  We need grounds, a reason, a purpose.  And, I guess, nobody's going to clean the mess up, except us, and that sucks.

(See September 7, 2011 for What Do Dreams Tell Us? Part I.)