Saturday, November 3, 2012

Why Questions?

Today, a friend asked me:  "Of all the possible areas of fascination, why are you blogging questions, particularly open-ended questions?"

1.  Questions open conversations - How are you?

2.  Open-ended questions offer possibilities.  Questions with single answers seem to invite avoiding and dissembling.

Even in the Bible, we see problems with single-answer questions.  In Genesis 3: 9-11, God asks Adam three questions, "Where are you?"; "Who told you that you are naked?"; and "Have you eaten of the tree...?"  Note - Adam's first response is to hide from the question.  His second response is to blame the woman.

In Genesis 4:9, God asks Cain, "Where is your brother?"  Cain also avoids giving a direct answer and instead asks another question, "Am I my brother's keeper?

3.  Questions force me to think about everything I don't know.  Questions help me peer into the the mystery and diversity of other sentient beings.

4.  Questions bring out the child in us - the wondering child who asks:  Where do babies come from?  Why is the ocean blue?  Where does the sun go at night?

5.  Science is based on questions.  Scientists ask questions about the nature of the world.  Nothing is taken for granted.  Nothing is assumed.

On this blog, I've written on 97 questions (so far).  I also keep a long list of questions to be dealt with at some point.  These include

  • Why does teamwork go horribly wrong?
  • Are all actions political?
  • The giant hole in the backyard - is that yours?
  • Have I overthrown my own tyranny?
  • Does this stress make me look fat?
  • Does thinking help?
and many others.  What are your big questions?  I'll add them to the list.

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  1. This fictional character asks questions about the size of his questions.