Thursday, August 18, 2011

Is There Something BIG and IMPORTANT Going On that We Know Nothing About?

Today's question, "Do you think there is something big and important going on that we know nothing about?" was one of the original 13 questions that I would ask my university English students.  Their answers included,
  • "I'm not that paranoid."
  • "If it was important, my mother would tell me." ... and
  • "The people campaigning to remove fluoridation from the water supply are being instructed by their Martian overlords who control them through the fillings in their teeth."
On the course that year was Arthur C. Clarke's Childhood's End in which humans evolve to unite with a large cosmic cloud of consciousness (the overmind). Timothy Leary also speculated on this idea suggesting that there was a manifest destiny of the DNA.

I think that there are many many things going affecting our lives every day, but since they are things we know nothing about, I cannot say more.  What do you think?


  1. Lil, we meet again.

    I read your question and instantly thought of the process of living as the process of subtractive sculpture – where the destiny of the medium slowly reveals itself as time, as well as our actions, strip away what isn't necessary. Occasionally we catch glimpses of what the sculpture could be. Sometimes we don't. Sometimes we do but do not commit to it.

    These glimpses (intuitions/daydreams/dreams/stupid jokes/hunches) are all progressive signs towards our individual and global bigger pictures. We just need to learn how to translate/integrate them into our lives.

    Yes, I believe something is going on: That technology is designed to contain like a cookie jar all the information that has brought us here today, allowing us to focus our minds elsewhere, whole-heartedly opening up to the very question: Is there something big and important and POSITIVE going on for me? for everyone?

  2. Hi Lil,
    I wish I could think of something a profound to say about this as Pearce, but, though I am sure there is much that is big going on that I know nothing about, I have enough trouble keeping track of things big and small I do know about. Still, I try to keep an eye out in my vast unknowingness.
    Keep on posting and best to you,

  3. So many people have come to me this year to say that they have suddenly been diagnosed with this or that cancer. It was operating and growing in their bodies - and they had no idea. Messages, broadcasts, invisible rays and invisible waves are, apparently filling the room I am in, but I have no idea of them. I watch the news reports of economic chaos - and I don't really understand what is behind it all and how it works. A few days ago, a Yahoo report said that physicists had worked out a test to demonstrate that there are indeed multiple universes that sometime collide like soap bubbles - and apparently have their own versions of life, history, and even us in them. And then there is the spiritual dimension with experience that is not tangible, but that doesn't mean it isn't real. So - my goodness - there is much of import going on that is beyond my sensory experience and beyond my understanding. Yet, somehow, keeping a focus on what the next good step is for me is all that really matters in all that. It is all that I could reasonably do well anyway.

  4. Comment sent from Da Buoy:
    To deny there are things larger than ourselves, is to limit our own existence.

    I could cite case studies of UFO abductions and sightings, the discovery of new and varied species around the globe, the ongoing uncertainties that fuel the work of physicists worldwide.

    All of these would be equally valid in helping us perceive the notion of the unknowable.

    The truth however is far more ordinary.

    Portions of almost every type of food have grown dramatically for years now. Dog breeds are getting more and more miniscule. The volume of television commercials has grown louder with every passing season. Cell phones have grown in such complexity recently, making a simple call is now a monumental event, eased only by speed dial and voice recognition software.

    Separately these events have no obvious connection, but when placed in such close proximity, we can see it is certain the truth of their intermingled fates can only TRULY be explained and understood by forces that, are and do, remain a mystery to mere mortals.

    Perhaps such things like Lil's Blog and our combined input can help illuminate what previously had lurked in shadow.

    Perhaps not.

    The truth is out there, but the unknown is VERY VERY real.