Saturday, August 20, 2011

How Do You Know a Film Was Good?

Movies (and other art experiences) are often completely forgettable.  Here are two questions I ask in considering the value of a film:
  1. Do I think about it at least once the next day?
  2. Would I want to have dinner with any of the characters? 
If I say "yes" to both of these questions, then it was probably worth seeing.
What are your criteria?


  1. Terry adds this criteria: The ending has to offer the possibility of redemption.

  2. To me, Art and Porn are virtually the same thing.

    For either to be a valid experience I need to feel moved and inspired to passionate action. Each should evoke a base emotional response. Both should make an impact that, though there may be no desire to repeat the interaction,it still affects my preconceptions and makes me question my own beliefs and cultural assumptions.

    Or as you already stated, Lil...

    Would I eat dinner with any of the characters, and do I think about it the next day...

  3. I've given this some thought. Here are some of my criteria.

    1] Two-thirds of the way through, do I know how it's going to end?

    2] Does the plot hold together -- or do I happily forgive it if it doesn't? (I think there's something about the "willing suspension of disbelief" buried in this point.)

    3] Is it gratifying to the senses: is it beautiful or impressive to look at, with effective use of music and other sound?