Monday, October 3, 2011

What Should I Believe? (Part 2)

My friend C. continues to add to his "What I Believe" list.  There are at least 92 items on it.  Here is one of my favourites:  "It is not the water’s fault for failing to mix with the oil, nor is it the oil’s fault for failing to mix with the water. They just don’t mix."

I recently opened one of my notebooks from the 1990s and, in the back under the heading Lessons Learned, I found some of my beliefs, including
  1. Sometimes the antidote is to stop taking the poison.
  2. Since people often marry their lovers, be careful who you sleep with.
  3. Expect from people approximately what they can deliver (but treat them the way you want them to behave).
  4. Avoid arguments during meals - it's bad for digestion.
At the bottom of the list was this one:

"Think about what you throw on in the morning - you might end up wearing it all day." 

I don't remember what led to me learning that lesson -- but it sounds bad.


  1. SW writes from Hawaii: "The antidote is to stop taking the poison! OMG I still think of that one. I've repeated it out loud a few times in the last twenty (is it 20?) years."

  2. Lil says: A friend from grad school wrote me that he had three truths:
    1. Don't give into an infatuation.
    2. Give your friends the benefit of the doubt.
    3. Never underestimate worse.

    Hmmm, never underestimate worse: a reminder to post this question: How do you know when you've hit bottom? -- coming up in the future.