Thursday, July 21, 2011

What Are You Wearing?

I found my shorts in a store in Chinatown early this summer.
The label inside says "Cherokee, size 10.  KEEP AWAY FROM FIRE.
I think, well duh: - I sure don't want my ass going up in flames.
But then I wondered if the shorts were a cautionary note about the dangers of passion.
The other side of the label says 100% cotton and includes washing instructions with a lecture: "Think of the environment.  Wash at 30 degrees."
and another caution:  "Due to the nature of the cloth please avoid contact with light coloured fabrics and upholstery as there may be some colour transfer."  Ew.

This is my new favourite label, although a close second is the one on a top I bought long ago at an army-navy surplus store on Yonge Street.  The label said, helpfully, "100% unknown fibres."

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  1. Actually, as shown on the TV show "Quincy", there *are* some fabrics that go off like a Roman Candle when even near an open flame such as a Birthday Cake candle. But I suppose if they were dishonest enough to still be using that stuff they wouldn't bother to warn you either.