Saturday, June 20, 2015

How Do You Start Again?

Start what?

Image result for messy breakup1.  Dating after a messy breakup?

2.  School after several years working?

3.  Exercising after a sedentary period?

4.  Gardening after the winter?

 or - - um - - shift feet nervously, bite lip -- 

5.  Blogging after a ten-month absence?

There might be minor differences among these five items, but ultimately, the main thing is to start.  Fall down.  Get up slowly.  Check for bruises.  Heal.  Start again.  And again.  Don't spend a second reading cheesy quotations about resilience.  Just get started.

And so I have.

But first I checked a cheesy website about starting exercise after stopping.  I wonder if their tips can be applied to blogging (or dating).

1.  Don't break the habit.  I'm only reading this because I did.

2.  Reward showing up.  Blogging is its own reward.  It's a chance to consider new ideas, share, and sometimes begin new conversations.

3.  Commit for 30 days.  Excellent idea, and exactly the length of Ramadan.

4.  Make it fun.  Note:  Fun is subjective.  Thoughtful reflection can be massively fun.

5.  Schedule during quiet hours.  Essential for blogging.  It's presently 6:30 a.m.

6.  Get a buddy.  Perhaps, as long as the buddy is also quietly writing.  Read to each other before posting.

7.  X your calendar.  I can do that.

8.  Create a ritual.  I might have to do that, given my goal of writing for 30 days.

The rest of the 15 tips to restart an exercise routine don't seem relevant.  I checked a website on how to start dating and the final rule was, "Be brave."  Good advice for any endeavour.

The main thing is to start again.  And again.  And again.

How do you start again?  Is there anything you do to help you get going?

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